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Residential entrance doors

At TLM we offer a wide range of both PVC and Composite residential entrance doors. Your front door gives a first impression of your property and should be the focal point of the exterior of your home. Due to this it is  important to choose a door that reflects both your personality and taste. The information below will help to make that all important decision just that little bit easier.

Composite Doors

What is a composite door?

Composite doors are made from a number of different materials. They feature a timber core with an insulated foam layer and a steel reinforced frame. This is encased in Glass reinforced Plastic (GRP) ensuring that the door will not crack or warp. Composite doors are manufactured under high pressure conditions, this in addition to the combination of materials used, ensures a long lasting, secure and weather resistant door. Our composite door panels come 44mm thick as standard, giving you a more secure door than the standard 28mm PVC door panel.

Benefits of a composite door

The manufacturing process and materials used to make a composite door give them a great many benefits such as:

  • Weather resistance- Due to the GRP skin of composite doors they are much less susceptible to warping caused by fluctuations in temperature
  • Low maintenance- The GRP skin of a composite door means that they do not have to have regular treatments to protect against peeling, rotting or flaking
  • High energy efficiency- The insulating foam layer of a composite door means that composites are up to 10 times more efficient than traditional doors. The 5 chambered design of the frames also ensure that they are as efficient as possible, and the more rigid structure of composite doors when compared to traditional doors means that there are less opportunities for heat to escape around the door itself 
  • Security- our composite doors come with a multi locking system as standard. The steel reinforced frame and GRP skin ensure that our composite doors are much more resistant to impacts. This combined the increased thickness of composite doors when compared to other traditional doors, gives you that added piece of mind that your home is secure. 

PVC Doors

What is a PVC door?

PVC doors consist of a timber or steel reinforced frame covered in molded uPVC. This gives the door a more plastic look when compared to a composite door. PVC door panels come in 28mm thickness as standard.

PVC Vs Composite 

When deciding what type of door is best suited to you there are a few things to bare in mind: 
  • Security- Our PVC and composite doors offer a high level of security due to their multipoint locking systems and solid construction, with that being said the reinforced core of a composite door does mean that they are slightly more secure.
  •  Longevity- Composite doors, when taken care of correctly, can have a lifespan of around 30 years. PVC doors on the other hand have a lifespan of around 20-25 years, again this does depend on how well you look after and maintain the door.
  • Energy efficiency- Due to the thicker profile of a composite door slab (44mm) composites do generally out perform PVC in regards to energy saving potential.
  • Style and colour- Both PVC and Composite doors come in a wide variety of colours and styles, with Composite doors being available in a slightly greater number of shades. Composite doors provide more of a timber-esque  appearance when compared to the plastic finish of PVC doors.
  • Maintenance- Both composite and PVC doors are easy to maintain. A wipe with a damp cloth around the door and frame is all that is required to keep your door looking its best.
  • Price- Due to the manufacturing processes of both types of doors, composite doors are the more expensive option when it comes to a new door. Composite doors can be as much as 60% more expensive when compared to PVC doors.  
  • Functionality- When choosing what type of door is best for you, the location of the door in the property and the function of the door are important. When choosing a door for the rear of your property or as an entrance to your garage a PVC door may be the better option as functionality is more of a priority over style and finish in these areas.