Privacy Notice 

At TLM besides a great first class service we are committed to protecting your information. We adhere to all guidelines set out in the data protection act 2018 And this notice describes why and how we collect your personal information.

TLM Home Innovations LTD

We are the sole controller of any personal data you provide to us, Due to this we are solely responsible for decisions regarding how your personal data is stored, shared and used

What data do we collect?

All data we collect from you is required in order for us to continue to provide a top quality quotation and installation service. The types of data we collect and store are as follows:

-         Your full name

-         Your full address

-         Contact details such as email addresses and telephone numbers

-         Quotations we have provided

We only collect personal information directly from the individual whom the data correlates to.

How do we use your data?

The circumstances with which we will use your personal information are as follows:

-         To carry out our duties to you as a customer to fulfil the contract we have both entered into

-         In order to comply with any regulations or legislations pertinent to the works we have carried out for you.

Why we process your data

-         To provide you with the goods and services outlined in the contract between us and you

-         To provide you with the quotation that we include in our services when you have shown interest in said services

-         To send marketing materials regarding services, products etc that we offer.

Sensitive data

In certain circumstances, for us to fulfil our duties to you as a customer, it may be required for us to collect sensitive information such as medical conditions. Sensitive information will only be taken from you with absolute consent from yourself and only when it is absolutely necessary in order for us to meet any requirements you have and provide you with the goods and services outlined in our contractual agreement and terms and conditions.

Who has access to your data?

Your personal information will be known only to select employees of TLM Home innovations Ltd unless we are required by law to provide information to third parties such as law enforcement, legal representation or external regulatory bodies , or unless absolutely necessary for us to comply with the works outlined in the contract i.e. to trades persons we work alongside to carry out works such as plumbing, electrical works etc.


When visiting our website we may use cookies to gather information about your general interests and your computer. Cookies are stored internally on the hard drive of your device and do not contain any personal data and as such can not be used to identify an individual.

We use cookies in order to improve on our website and target our marketing effectively and appropriately.

Data security

We have significant measures in place to ensure the security of any personal information collected by us. These measures prevent your data from being accessed by unauthorised individuals. This ensures that your personal data cannot be lost, altered, used or disclosed to any unauthorised individual.  

We have procedures in place to deal with suspected misuse/access to customers personal data and will, when legally required to, notify you and any other persons quickly and efficiently.

Data storage

We store and retain personal information from customers for a long as we deem necessary in order for us to fulfil our contractual obligations to you. When deciding the length of time data will be stored for we take many factors into account. These include, but are not limited to:

-         Sensitivity of data

-         The amount of data collected

-         Nature of the data

-         Risks involved with unauthorised access to said data

-         Our contractual obligations to you as a customer


Know your rights!

With regards to personal data collected by us you have the right to request the following:

-         Access, You have the right to access a copy of your information that we have on file both physically and electronically (so long as you can provide proof of identity and that the data is in relation to you)

-         Correction, You have the right to request a correction to the data we have if you believe that the information is inaccurate

-         Erasure, You have the right to request that we erase your data in certain circumstances i.e. if you believe that the processing and use of your data is no longer necessary for us, if you are of the belief that we have unlawfully processed or collected your data, or if you believe your data is being used for any reason other than the purposes for which it was intended to be used.

-         Objection to processing, You have the right to object to us processing your data in certain circumstances.

-         Data portability, in certain circumstances you can request for your personal data to be securely transferred from us to another entity electronically. This right applies only if we are processing your data via automation and if our basis for processing your data has been consented to by yourself or is for the purposes of fulfilling our obligations as per our contract.


You can find more information regarding your rights and the Data protection act 2018 by visiting

We reserve the right to update this privacy notice at any time and without notifying you prior to the update to the policy.